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Google Looking To Muppets To Revive Google+

Traffic to Google’s new social network Google+ had dropped in half over the last 21 weeks. Google+, which is just six months old now, was off to a wildfire start among tech savvy folks, Google/Android loyalists and early adopters. As the weeks went on Google+ traffic started to fall.

According to the LA Times that fall has amounted to about half the traffic Google+ saw over the summer.

Phonearena.com is reporting that, according to research firm Hitwise, Google+ had a huge week back in November with the seven day period ending Novemner 12th. While Google+ was ramping up it saw traffic peak at 15 million per week, now though, it’s averaging 6.8 million.

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Google has resorted to the Muppets to help revive the site. The Muppets are a huge hit in theaters right now with their fist new feature film in decades. Google is hoping that the Muppets commercial for Google+ where they sing the Queen/David Bowie “Under Pressure”, can help drive traffic back to Google+.

Google+ isn’t Google’s first foray into social media. A little over a year ago they tried to do a Twitter like service called Google Buzz, which didn’t see that much adoption. Their other trip through social media was Orkut which featured many “Myspace” like features however that service only took off in Brazil.

Google+ looked like it had promise but so far as early adopters have tried to encourage their Facebook loyalist friends to switch, people have found that they couldn’t leave Facebook. In fact, even as the six month mark approaches for Google+, Facebook is still the number one used social media app on Google’s own Android platform. In fact Google+ isn’t even in the top 5.

source: Phonearena


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  1. Really Kyle? Six months and you have made your call . Way to go NostraDumbAss. It’s one thing to prefer Facebook, but this reads like those articles that discuss the end of Android.

  2. Changing the icon/logo in mid flight wasn’t too good either… who does that?

    I really love G+… more than facebook, and made a total transition… but all the scripts i made/bought/ and had produced to communicate with the platform eventually breaks because the code is constantly changing in the background, that’s a real de-motivator… 

    really wonder where this is going…

  3. Some of it is just critical mass — Facebook took a few years to surpass Myspace, which it’s hard to believe was ever as huge as it was, and nothing succeeds like success — but Google has made some weird decisions too. There are still Google products that make it easier to post to Facebook or Twitter than G+, for example.

    But the biggest impediment I can see to growing their userbase is that they simply aren’t interested in doing so: I have dozens of friends who use pseudonyms on Facebook, and most of them have had their G+ accounts deleted. Whether it’s because they’re my 16-year-old relatives or are semi-famous or they use a stage name or just don’t want future employers to be able to track them down, millions have defied Facebook’s anti-pseudonym rule without a problem for years (a few high-profile exceptions caused by griefers notwithstanding), while Google+ seems to be proactively rooting them out and deleting them.

    I use my real name, but if Google+ doesn’t want my friends on their own terms, they’re not going to see much of me either.

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