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Developing: Verizon Wireless Samsung Galaxy Nexus This Week

Some of our Twitter followers have been hounding us for a story after we tweeted this morning that we had some Samsung Galaxy Nexus leads for Verizon Wireless. Before we dive into the story it’s important to note that you can use the nifty search box in the upper right hand corner of the website to see that we haven’t reported every single rumored launch date. In fact we purposely didn’t report the December 9th date because we were sure it wasn’t going to happen.  You can read here why we weren’t convinced of the December 9th launch.

So what do we have now. (find out after the break)

We know that most of the tier 1 Verizon Wireless corporate stores have been shipped “sell” stock in addition to in store demo units.  A few of our ninjas have confirmed that their store has enough stock to start selling.

We heard from one of our most reliable ninjas that we could be looking at a Sunday launch. Now Sunday launches don’t jive with traditional Verizon Wireless launch dates but this particular ninja has never been wrong. Having said that, he felt about 75% on a Sunday launch.

Our other Verizon Wireless ninjas are all reporting December 15th which is a week from today.

As you’ve probably seen on other sites the Google Wallet issue still hangs in the balance. We’ve seen on several sites that there will be an immediate update available when customers activate their Galaxy Nexus, perhaps they can enable Google Wallet some how with that update.

Of course Verizon Wireless has taken the wise approach and said nothing more than the fact that the Galaxy Nexus will be available by the end of the year. We’re confident after checking, re-checking and checking again that the Galaxy Nexus will arrive sometime between now and next Thursday. We’re hoping it’s Sunday and we’ll let you know as soon as we hear anything else.


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  1. lol, lets see if we can activate it.. wouldnt that just piss ol verizon off?? friggin sonsabitches

  2. Thedroidguy, i really do enjoy your blog post.  They are actually quite refreshing to read the majority of the time.  In Jesus name, God bless you.  Really Appreciate it.

  3. I went into a radio shack last night (11/8) and asked if they were going to sell the g-nex today.  The girl said “we got them in the back room and a note in the system says we can’t sell just yet”.  She called a manager at another store to check for new into, listened to him for a bit, and changed her tune to “we don’t have them just yet”.  Anywho- it sounds like larger radio shacks have them, and most have no idea why they’re not allowed to sell them yet.

  4. RT from @DroidTh3ory: Just got a text from my VZW girl. No launch tomorrow for the GNEX. Word came in last night to halt any sales. No dates. Take for what it is.

  5. I call BS. No way you “knew” the 9th wasn’t going to happen. Why did all channels, including upper Verizon management, plan for a release on the 9th then? Were you able to predict the massive 4G outage and the Google Wallet hiccup? Get off your high horse, man.

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