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Sprint Wants Voice Added To Tablets

According to a report published Thursday by Mobiledia.com, Sprint is looking to add voice functionality to tablets.

Jeff Adelmann, Director of Business Product Marketing for Sprint, suggested that telephony be added to tablets. He also went on to say that tablet adoption may continue at a slow rate until the functionality is included.  What he didn’t say was why, if that’s the feeling Sprint has, did they decide to not offer telephony in the original Samsung Galaxy Tab which launched overseas with telephony. In fact many 3G capable tablets have launched overseas with the ability to make phone calls.

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“When tablets become a communication device, then you want ubiquitous connectivity, and Wi-Fi can’t provide that,” Adelmann said.

Sprint may also begin offering shared data plans so that customers can have a smartphone and a tablet device on the same plan sharing the same data bucket. Currently Sprint still offers unlimited data on smartphones and it’s unclear if that would carry over to tablets with telephone capabilities.

The argument can be made that Adelmann may be wrong about telephony as surveys have often concluded that tablet users, use their tablets in bed and in public wifi spots. Of course we can’t be a judge of something that isn’t currently available in the states. Sprint and other US carriers would have to look at data available in European and Asian markets where tablets have telephony included.

source: Mobiledia


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  1. /rant/

    Well, they’re doing everything they can to make sure no one buys a Sprint connected tablet right now (and shanking the few existing tablet customers they do have) so any sort of change would be a good one. I already use my View to make calls via WiFi and a Bluetooth headset so I can see there being situational uses for calling.

    What they should do is apologize for pulling a bait and switch on those of us with previously unlimited data plans on our tabs. I know I overpaid for my tablet but I was willing to do so to get unlimited data at 35$ a month, there was value in that for me. Now I’m trying to sell the thing simply so I can break even on the $200 ETF when I cancel the line next month.

    Sprint selling the HTC Evo View (aka HTC Flyer) for $399.99 and original Galaxy Tab for $199.99 on contract (which is going to cost you $20 a month minimum for 1GB of 3G/4G data) tells me they just don’t care. I could go get the Flyer for $100 less off contract, or spend $100 more and get a significantly more powerful tablet. Customers know that. They also know they can tether their phone to their tablet for $30 a month and get more data for than the plans offer on a non subsidized tablet.

    As for voice, they could start by removing the voice blocks on the tablet plans. Beyond that all the View needs is a little software update to let the phone service actually run and we’d be set. 

    /end rant/

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