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Galaxy Nexus Restored To 32gb On Google Page

Google’s official Galaxy Nexus page is now showing the internal storage for the Samsung device at 32gb.

Over the weekend we pointed out that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus had been whittled down to 16gb on the official Google page.  After that we pointed out that the actual Verizon Wireless version of the Galaxy Nexus had 32gb of memory according to the storage screen within the settings.

Today, Phandroid points out that the official Galaxy Nexus page now shows 32gb of memory. Of course it was stated by Samsung that the device would come in a 16gb and 32gb version and now the 16gb version has gone missing.

Maybe it will show up later.

source: Phandroid

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  1. I am convinced that this is a big joke.  I’m actually enjoying all of this rumor blitz, and the emotional rollercoaster.  God has shown me that my heart is attached to the phone, and how others are the same.  Its something that should not bother us so much.

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