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Amazon Blocking Competitors E-Reader Apps?

The Amazon Kindle Fire has been the best selling item to date on amazon.com, that says a lot considering how long Amazon has been around.  Amazon’s Kindle Fire is the ultimate media consumption machine. It’s also been said that Amazon is taking a small loss on each Kindle Fire, hoping to recoup that money with purchases from each user.

Now one thing that can get in the way of those media consumption dollars would be competing e-book reader services like Kobo for instance. According to this report from Android Guys, it looks like Amazon may be blocking, or at least making it harder to find those competing apps in the Amazon market place.

Sure, it may have been a point of discomfort for Amazon to allow e-readers and such in their Android app store before the Kindle Fire but now they are directly competing with those developers.

A developer called “BlueFire” (no relation to Kindle Fire) was reportedly notified by Amazon that their app was compatible with the new Kindle Fire however when they went to search for it themselves they couldn’t find it.

source: Android Guys

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  1. I have aldiko ereader on my Kindle Fire.  I just had to load it via usb. 

    I’m actually a bit tired of hearing people complain about the Amazon Fire.

    Here’s “the deal”:  If you get a $200 cell phone from T-Mobile for $50, everyone understands that T-Mobile wants you to use it for T-Mobile, not for AT&T.  They sell it for less than they pay for it, with the expectation that they’ll make their money back over time.

    Amazon is doing exactly the same thing, and people should stop whining about them not making it super easy to install all their competitor’s products.  If you jail-break your phone, that’s actually breaking a legal contract.  If you install Google’s Android launcher on your Fire, (with the normal Android Market, etc)  Amazon doesn’t care at all.  

    Amazon is actually more like how Microsoft competes with IE.  You can install any browser you want, but you start off with all the defaults going to IE.

    I paid $199 for this thing, a third of what I’d pay for an iPad, and it plays movies, music, eBooks.  It gets my email, has a nice fast browser, (I actually installed 2 different browsers), and a bunch of stupid games for my kids.  The thing is tough as hell, since my kids have already thrown it down a flight of stairs, dropped it on the driveway, left it in the sun in the car, and even spilled finger-paint all over it.

    I’m not giving them my $600 ipad to screw around with.  

    People should be thrilled that they can get a really really nice little tablet for under $200.  Amazon is perfectly justified in starting out with their own default applications and not making it insanely easy to install competitor software.  

    Sorry for the rant.  🙂

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