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Samsung Largest Mobile Phone Maker In The World In Q3 2011

It’s no secret that there is an intense war going on between Samsung Mobile and Apple. They are taking each other on in patent courts around the world.  Steve Jobs, made no bones about it when speaking to author Walter Isaacson in his recent biography. Jobs feels that Android is stealing from Apple. In that group, Samsung is included, as the largest supplier of Android devices in the world.

Now according to Gartner research gathered by The Guardian, it seems that Samsung has surpassed both Apple and Nokia in becoming the largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world according to revenue (where it counts).  With it’s recently launched Samsung Galaxy S II selling over 10 million units already, Samsung Telecommunications was able to pull off a record breaking quarter with $13.5 billion dollars in sales, which was up 37% from the same quarter last year. That quarter of course including the original Samsung Galaxy S.

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A Samsung spokesperson confirmed to TechCrunch that their mobile division quadrupled it’s sales in smartphones from the previous quarter and overall handset sales had an increase of over 20 percent.

The Guardian suggests that a 20 percent increase in overall handsets equates to 86 million handsets sold in the last quarter.  Let us not forget that in certain international markets Samsung is undergoing tough injunctions stemming from this Apple vs Samsung vs Apple patent litigation.  While tablets seem to be the focus of the current injunctions in place, Apple’s continued patent grandstanding has had to soften even Samsung mobile phone sales in those markets.

source: TechCrunch


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  1. I know that Jobs’ arrogance is what got him and Apple back on top, but it’s pretty funny that he thought other companies were ripping off Apple while being oblivious to the fact that literally *everything* about digital mobile phones is still under patent, and having only jumped into that business in 2007, Apple’s ripping off other companies a lot more than other companies are ripping off Apple.

    The only thing keeping Apple in business is that Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Ericsson, HP, LG, RIM, and the many other handset makers are too busy competing with each other to pool all their patents and take Apple out. Literally everything in Apple’s phones that they haven’t specifically licensed or originated themselves places Apple in jeopardy of a patent infringement suit. It seems Samsung’s the only one really fighting this fight, and now that we see they’re selling more phones than Apple, it’s clear why.

  2. So does this mean that Jobs is responsible for every idea ever thought of. Please. If android stole from apple then Apple stole from Nokia and everyone stole from Palm. Its sad to see such a great mind be sucked into such a stupid way of thinking.

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