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Samsung Has Sold 30 Million Galaxy S And Galaxy S II Devices Combined

Samsung Mobile is reporting that they have now sold 20 million original Galaxy S phones and 10 million Galaxy S II phones worldwide.  The Samsung Galaxy S was released during the summer of 2010.  All four US carriers carried a variation of the original Galaxy S device.

The Samsung Epic 4G featured a qwerty slide out keyboard and a 4G Wimax radio, this was the Sprint version of the Galaxy S.  The first one to release though was the T-Mobile Vibrant, followed shortly after by the Samsung Captivate.  The Samsung Fascinate on Verizon rounded out the foursome of Samsung Galaxy S phones on the nations tier 1 carrier.  US Celluar, and Cellular South also received their own version of the device.

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In 15 months the Galaxy S has tallied up 20 million in sales.  The Galaxy S II on the other hand is growing quite a bit quicker.  The US just received their variants of the Galaxy S II on Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T.  The T-Mobile version of Samsung’s follow up device was actually the last one to release this time around.  Verizon held out on the Samsung Galaxy S II presumably to launch the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Nexus or perhaps because they are going to receive the Samsung Galaxy S II HD.

Samsung Telecommunications (Mobile) President, JK Shin had this to say: “Since its launch only five months ago, GALAXY SII has seen tremendous sales success and garnered enthusiastic reviews from consumers and mobile industry watchers across the globe. This is in addition to the continued sales momentum behind GALAXY S, which we launched at CTIA 2010 as continues to be a run-away success with consumers,” and added, “The phenomenal success of these smartphones once again demonstrates how the GALAXY S smartphones is setting the standard for smart mobile technology around the world.”

Now that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus has been announced are you still considering a Galaxy S II or has the Vanilla Android flavored Galaxy Nexus won you over?

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  1. It’s good need for samsung as well as android community. It is off coarse a better alternative to iphone. But sad thing us that post-purchase service of samsung is not good. (at least in my and galaxy SL user) Samsung is too slow in giving updates to sold phones.
    I am a Galaxy SL user and still waiting for gingerbread update, when other are waiting for ice cream sandwich.

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