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London: No Amazine Kindle Fire For You (Just Yet)

Disappointing news out of the UK today. It seems the folks at Amazon.uk have told pocket-lint that they will not be receiving the Kindle Fire or the new Kindle Touch.

Mums the word on the reasoning behind this decision, but we are sure it’s going to disappoint the thousands who were hoping to pick up a Kindle Fire or Kindle Touch in the UK.  A spokesperson for Amazon.uk told pocket-lint: “Today, Kindle Fire and Kindle Touch are available only in the US,”

The dual core Kindle Fire was officially announced last Wednesday at a press event in New York City. While it’s running Android it’s still a far cry from the Android we’re used to. Instead it runs a customized user interface on top.

The Kindle Fire is the ultimate content tool with access to the Kindle Market, Amazon Android Apps Market, audio and video and much more.

It’s too bad though that at least for now the UK isn’t getting it.

source: Pocket-Lint

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  1. I would guess there’s little point bringing it out in the UK when we don’t have the AppStore or CloudDrive products here. Seems odd, not like the UK is opposed to buying hot tech.

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