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AT&T’s Smart WiFi App Lets Users Manage WiFi A Lot Easier Than Settings

If you’re an AT&T customer with an Android device and you aren’t a full blown Android geek than you may find the wifi settings panel within Android’s settings menu a bit cumbersome, especially when you only need to jump onto a wifi hotspot for a short while.

AT&T has created their own wifi management app called Smart WiFi that helps users locate wifi hotspots and manage regular wifi hotspots, often times without touching anything.  One of the biggest benefits to this app is the ability to auto connect to wifi. Say you’re at your home or office, when you get in range of that wifi connection the Smart WiFi app will connect you to your wifi without you having to press a button.  For those using the native Android settings you’d have to go to settings, wireless connections, wifi, manage wifi, you know the drill.

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This app would come in handy for business customers as well. Not only does it help you find and manage WiFi connections but it also creates a “missed opportunities” list which tells users where there was a WiFi hotspot that you didn’t know about.  I can’t tell you how many times I didn’t realize there was free open wifi somewhere I needed it, after it was too late.

According to AT&T, the Smart WiFi app will also help conserve battery life by leaving the WiFi radio off until it’s actually in range of a WiFi source. AT&T has apparently conducted some market research that indicated that battery drain as well as the ability to easily find and connect to wifi were pressure points for customers.

Smart WiFi treats all WiFi equally and is not the same as an AT&T Hotspot finder. It will find your home wifi, your work wifi, the coffee shop, the airport, you get the idea. It will also help you distinguish between totally free wifi and wifi that has password access.

AT&T’s Smart Wifi can be found in the Android Market here

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