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Angry Birds Teases Something New And Big As Halloween Approaches

Last year, Angry Birds was all the rage. Angry Birds Seasons, Halloween edition kicked off a seasonal ritual of getting new season themed levels for the mega hit mobile game.

In a video just published by Rovio the Angry Birds are wearing familiar Halloween garb which pretty much gives away the fact that we are right around the corner from the next installment. However, as pocketnow points out, on a dark stormy night the birds stumble upon something big. It’s hard to tell what it is but Rovio promises something new and big.

So get out your witch hats, and vampire fangs because Angry Birds Seasons: Halloween II is about to be thrust upon us.

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  1. Is the Halloween upate for Angry Birds Seasons will really
    be called Nightmare Before Christmas? I hope it will be released soon as
    Halloween is just around the corner. And maybe once they release it after the
    event, I’m afraid that they will be losing a lot of customers. 

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