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Whether you’re new to Android or have been a die hard enthusiast since day one here is just a collection of sites, blogs, Google+, and Twitters, to check out that have been part of the Android Community for quite some time.  This is no way an endorsement list rather just a hodge podge list of great folks in no apparent order.  Here we go.

Scotty Brown is one of the founders of AndroidActivist.org, and RadioAndroid.net. Often referred to as the voice of Android Scotty offers video podcasts on his RadioAndroid site. They also raised over 2500 dollars for the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer foundation in an Android telethon.

Aaron Kasten, is the founder of AndroidSwag.com and one of the creators of the Big Android BBQ an annual Android Community event for people in the Android Community, who really care about the Android Community.  He is also very active on Google+

Ray Walters. Ray Walters is one of the loudest, bousterous but most fun and to the Point Android pundits out there. He is the definition of Android Evangelist (partially because he’s really an evangelist) Ray is currently writing for Geek.com and Extremetech.  Although he doesn’t currently have a podcasting home, he has hosted some of the most popular Android Community podcasts out there. The thing about Ray is that he sucks you into whatever Android or Geekdom thing he is talking about with the hyperness of a color commentator watching a tied up Yankees Redsox game in the bottom of the 9th with bases loaded.  He also does great Community Work. He and the Android Community raised thousands of dollars for pong for hope last year. He is the cook at the Big Android Barbecue the Android Community event in Texas.


Russell Holly, is a widely known Android Columnist and writer for Geek.com he is also penning a book about Android tablets and was one of the organizers of the Android Community based event the Big Android BBQ.  Holly believes in the community but is quick to remind folks in the Android Community what the Android Community is all about. He is a fair reporter and a great Android Community activist. He co-hosts the Android Show on Radio Android

Daniel “Droid Messenger” Benavides is the creator of Andy’s Threads and a strong Android Community activist. He is one of the presenters of the Android Homecoming, in Mountain View California February 10th-12th. Andys Threads is a new line of Android apparel with very “hot topic” looking pieces.  Benavides is a practicing Christian and brings his spiritual heart to the Android Community putting up strong roots with just about everyone

Cameron Wright is a die hard technology enthusiast and the Senior editor here at Thedroidguy and the Editor in Chief at Nibletz.com.  He also writes for Android Spin and Gadget U and he’s the first person to give up their shirt for another member of the Android Community.  Cameron has been all around the country and around the world preaching and reporting on the world of Android for the Android Community.

Brent Fishman. Sometimes he’s loud and sticks by his opinion but he’s also a great Android Community member and an editor at Thedroidguy.com and the Senior Editor atNibletz.com he is also into photography and photo walks.

Phil Nickinson is the Editor in Chief over at Androidcentral.com he writes great stuff and comes to the Android scene with a career in traditional print journalism with top firms like Gannet.  Phil is against meandering in rumors that are polluting the Android Community. He speaks out when more passive Android enthusiasts need a voice and he makes sure that Android Central stays involved with events across the country both big and small. He is one of those journalists that really compliments the Android Community


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  1. Wow… what a biased piece of shit article this is. You really need to check your facts — the Android community is powered by more than eight people, you fucking retard. It’s clear that you picked you specifically highlighted your friends (and kissed Phil’s ass). The next time you want to talk about “community,” show some respect and keep your worthless, subjective bullshit to yourself.

  2. You know what’s a really good website about the Android Community? AndroidCommunity.com. You should check it out.

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