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SanDisk Introduces 64gb MicroSD Card That Reportedly Won’t Work With Your Android Phone

We knew earlier this year that 64gb and possibly [easyazon-link asin=”B006ZH1WVS” locale=”us”]128gb microSD cards[/easyazon-link] would be released. SanDisk has announced that they are releasing a 64gb microSD card.  The 64gb microSD card will set you back about $220.

To keep the 64gb microSD price tag of $220 in perspective, you can get a Seagate GoFlex Satellite 500gb portable hard drive or a Western Digital external hard drive with 2tb of storage for roughly the same price.  Now of course neither of those will work “in” your smartphone, and according to pocketnow.com the 64gb card won’t work either.

Sandisk’s new [easyazon-link asin=”B005V7WIA2″ locale=”us”]64gb microSD card[/easyazon-link] is microSDXC and not the standard microSDHC that is the standard for your current breed of Android devices and other smartphones.  In theory they aren’t compatible but of course we haven’t tried it out yet. We do know that for the past two years every phone that has come with a microSD card slot has always said “up to 32gb” an assumption that those less tech savvy may suggest was because a 64gb card wasn’t available yet.

Sandisk’s 64gb microSD card is a class 6 card. Hopefully the next round of Android devices will support the SDXC format and we’ll see not only 64gb cards but 128gb cards as well.

Most Android tablets use a microSD card for storage which tops them out at the internal memory + 32gb.  The Toshiba Thrive however has a full SD card slot and will allegedly support even a 128gb card when they become available. As Pocketnow also points out, you can currently get an 8gb microSD Class 6 card for $11, just two years ago they were over $50.  Maybe if we wait a few years the 64gb card will be under $50

source: Pocketnow

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  1. “…you can currently get an 8gb microSD Class 6 card for $11, just two years ago they were over $50.  Maybe if we wait a few years the 64gb card will be under $50.”

    Yes, and I can go to the local dump and pick up a 500mb SCSI drive for nothing, whereas 15 years ago, I would have had to pay $300 for it! Maybe if I wait 15 more years, I can get a 32gb microsd card for free!

    I’m going to buy this card today. I know I will use the space and there really isn’t any sense in waiting, since new cards will always be released and current cards will always be getting cheaper.

  2. hi there yeah 64 gb micro sd card for my lg thrill 3d phone becuase 3d takes up a to of huge storage need 64 pb thats 64 petabytes

  3. Nope. It works just fine. unmount your current card format it with the phone and put it in. no partitions it just works. have 80gb galaxy s2.

  4. Actually, you can make up to a 2tb partition in Fat 32. Having 2 partitions would be horrible -android is only designed to use on storage for media I.e. music has to be on sd or internal storage, it won’t support both. Also it isn’t guaranteed the firmware on phone’s sd reader will try to read more than 32gb.

  5. $220 will buy more than four portable Seagate 500GB drives.  The USB2 variant was on sale at Target recently for $49. I’m glad I don’t shop where you do…

  6. Wrong againg tech stooges

    Heres the fix

    Drop micro in a usb adapter, plug into pc, loadup a partion management app, spit it ito two 32 gig parts, format each fat 32 , put back in ur phone, bam two 32 gig drives now show up in phone.

    Dumb asses

  7. All I need is a fast 32 GB card, with the 16 GB already on board that’s enough. Still waiting for the price to come down a bit on that.

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