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Netflix Starts Enforcing One Stream At A Time Rule

A couple of months ago Netflx announced some major restructuring, for the most part affecting customers on DVD plans.  These changes went in effect on September 1st. It seems that same day Netflix started enforcing their one stream at a time policy.

Although Netflix rules always called for one stream at a time, many customers would log in to multiple computers, set top boxes, and now Android phones at the same time, thus creating multiple streams. Now if you try and stream more than one movie at a time Netflix will tell you that your account is already streaming something and you’re only permitted one stream at a time.

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Mashable tested the streaming theory out and found out that you couldn’t stream two movies but apparently you can stream a tv show and a movie at the same time, although no one is sure how long that will last.

Netflix has been under fire lately ever since they upped their rates. They also stopped offering Starz content this week when talks with the movie provider broke down. Despite the increase in rates Netflix revenues have  been at record highs.

source: Mashable