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LG Optimus Slider Shows Up On Headed To Virgin Mobile

According to one of Sprint’s prepaid brands, Virgin Mobile, is getting the LG Optimus Slider. When rumors about the LG Optimus Slider started to surface it was going by the name LG Gelato Q. It was also being reported that this device would end up on multiple carriers, and it still could.

Phonearena was tipped off today by an anonymous reader that pointed them to the page showing the LG phone for just $199.99 on Virgin Mobile, which of course means without a contract.

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There isn’t anything in the way of spec on the bestbuy web page however we already know that it has a 3.2″ screen, slide out qwerty keyboard, and Android 2.3.

Both of Sprint’s prepaid brands are big supporters of Android. Virgin Mobile released the Motorola Triumph earlier this summer which is a vanilla Android (not UI skinned) device with a Droid X feel.  While speaking at a recent technology conference Sprint’s CEO Dan Hesse reiterated the fact that there is a big shift to prepaid. Many regular consumers who might not have considered a prepaid plan just two years ago are shifting that direction to get unlimited wireless at a monthly, manageable amount without any extra hidden costs or the ability to “go over” their monthly bill.

Source: Bestbuy via Phonearena

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