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TDG LIVE BLOG: Samsung Galaxy S II Launch

6:49pm: Thats a wrap its playtime

6:48pm: Galaxy S II does HDMI mirroring, Kim Titus coming back

6:48pm: Gavin going over Social Hub, social hub has been improved with new Linked In and Facebook functionality

6:45pm: Clicking the radio buttons on the bottom of the SGSII will take you to that corresponding home screen. A similar functionality is ready for the app drawer

6:44pm: We’ve removed some of the “chicklets”

6:44pm: new touch wiz interface, much cleaner

6:44pm: Gavin Kim, Kim Titus, you see Samsung likes the name Kim

6:43pm: Gavin Kim introduces Kies Air

6:42pm: Saying “Hey Galaxy” will wake up the phone

6:42pm: Integrated a very robust, very capable voice control in partnership with Vlingo

6:40PM: Media Hub premium content platform.  Manage content across multiple devices

6:39pm: wow they are rushing through this thing… bet its a marathon to JFK

6:38PM: Gavin Kim: Exchange active sync, improved security and useability of email, calendar and contact applications on SGSII. Security: built in a hardware based chipset that allows data encryption with superior device for local database storage and removable memory.  Supports SSO/VPN from any connect and F5

6:37pm: Bigger battery, but Nicks not going to stop here, here comes Gavin Kim

6:37pm: Galaxy S II supports Google Talk with video

6:36pm: Photo and Video editors on board you can add stills into videos and set soundtrack

6:35pm: Samsung Camera enhancements nick says the best camera phone pictures you can take

6:35PM” Thinnest 4G Smartphone on any carrier that its on

6:35pm: Exonys C210 dual core processor, highest megabits per second of video, Nothing is going to look better .. Nick

6:34pm Nick’s going over SuperAMOLED plus

6:34pm running Android 2.3 and new version of TouchWiz

6:32PM Pendleton has invited our man Nick DiCarlo onstage

6:31PM  Kim Titus has announced new Chief Marketing Officr Todd Pendleton (sp) he comes from Nike

6:26PM Kim Titus just said 5 minutes. This is going to be on a TIGHT TIGHT schedule most of the journalists (us included) and Samsung are leaving immediately following for IFA in Berlin

6:17pm Im getting the feeling this isn’t going to be the bust em up party they had last year for Galaxy S I launch with B.O.B.

6:15PM Press releases out and press kit in hand T-Mobile’s version is definitely the Samsung Galaxy S II not the Hercules

6:08 PM We’re in and this place will fill up quickly

6:05PM: We’re here ready to roll doors are opening. Early official word is that the T-Mobile device IS NOT called Hercules just simply Samsung Galaxy S II. More on that in a few minutes. Russell and Cameron are helping immensely with the coverage.

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  1. 40 minutes of explaining features that we’re already aware of?  I’m disappointed that Samsung would have such an anti-climactic debut of their flagship mobile device.  Not surprised though, they’ve really dropped the ball on marketing this phone thus far.  Did they at least tell us anything useful, like an official release date?

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