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Samsung Mobile Prepping Something Big For IFA 2011 In Samsung Unpacked Episode 11

Samsung Mobile has something big up their sleeves, actually it looks like 2 somethings big up their sleeves.  They are doing another “unpacked” event at IFA 2011.

Samsung “Unpacked” at Mobile World Congress in Berlin was where we first heard about the Samsung Galaxy S II and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.  Then the following month at CTIA in Orlando Samsung brought us another unpacked event where we heard about the US version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the US version of the, as yet to be seen again, Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9.  Samsung’s former CTO Omar Khan did something unheard of and announced the pricing and availability of both tablets at that event.  According to that announcement we have about 6 weeks left for the Galaxy Tab 8.9 to be released.

More including the two teaser videos, after the break

We brought you a story last night about the latest leaked Samsung Mobile road map. That map was originally disputed by Samsung and then releaked with dates on it.  According to it there were 2 7″ tablets and what looks like the first Ice Cream Sandwich phone, could it be the highly anticipated Samsung Nexus Prime?

The videos really don’t point to anything. The first one focuses on the ocean while the second one shows a handset in people’s hands but its muted out by the sun.  Whatever it is, the world will know on September 1st.

Meanwhile, here’s the videos:

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