Breaking: South Korea To Take On Android With Samsung And LG

Posted on Aug 22 2011 - 7:40am by Cameron Wright

Bloomberg is reporting that South Korea is interested in developing an Operating System that would be able to compete against Android.  In an apparent response to the pending acquisition by Google of Motorola Mobility, South Korea has approached Samsung and LG to jointly create an open-source operating system that would be used to protect these companies from outside (international) companies.

Kim Jae-hong, deputy minister in the Ministry of Knowledge Economy, appears to have approached Samsung prior to the announced purchase of Motorola, and met strong defiance to the proposal.  Asia Pulse explains it:

Kim said Samsung had been very negative about joint development of an open OS, but its stance changed greatly* after the Google-Motorola merger. *(emphasis mine)

Once the deal was announced Samsung appears to at least be considering the option.  With the threat of Google having their own hardware company, Kim Jae-hong states, “Because Google is an open-source system, it cannot just switch over to a closed-source system overnight.”  In other words, the official feeling of South Korea’s Ministry of Knowledge Economy, is that Google will follow in the footsteps of Apple – wrestling from our cold dead hands the source code and leaving us with nothing but crushed dreams.

Kim did at least agree that in the short term the benefits of Motorola’s IP holdings would help the members of the Open Handset Alliance (OHA).  He was reported to have said he would like to see the OS ready within three years time and that South Korea would be launching the foundation for this program before years end.

Source: Bloomberg via Asia Pulse

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