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LG Optimus Net Headed To T-Mobile

The LG Optimus Net, a midrange Android device, was announced a few weeks back wtih the LG Optimus Pro.  The Optimus Net features a 3.2 HVGA display, 800mhz processor with 512mb of RAM. It also sports a 3 megapixel autofocus camera and of course WiFi and GPS.

The LG Optimus Net has been spotted getting BlueTooth approval. This LG device doesn’t have a QWERTY keyboard and Pocketnow believes that it coincides with the LG Gelato that was on a leaked T-Mobile road map that appeared a while back.

It was also pointed out that the device description says it’s headed to AT&T, however it’s branded T-Mobile. It’s not clear if this is a type-o, an indication of things to come with the merger, or the phone is actually headed to both carriers. At any rate we should hear something soon from T-Mobile.

Source: Pocketnow

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