Ice Cream Sandwich Photos Leaked

Posted on Aug 11 2011 - 6:12pm by Elijah Ketchum


Whether this is for real or not, Android Police have just gotten their hands on some photos of what looks to be an Ice Cream Sandwich build running on a Nexus S. There aren’t really any shots of the UI or anything that would get us SUPER excited, but there is enough UI shots to see that the color could be blue this time around. Other than that there are a few UI changes, and also a new Gmail theme, new launcher with what could end up being a task switcher, and a built in panorama mode for the camera app. This may or may not be official, but it’s still exciting to think we’re already seeing leaked pictures which may lead to a stronger possibility of an October launch. Check out the full gallery of pictures at the source.

Ice Cream Sandwich was announced at Google I/O, and is said to end Android fragmentation through uniting the software as one. This will mean that phones and tablets running Android will not be nearly as separate when it comes to things like applications.

Whether these pictures are real or fake is unknown, but we night as well hope for the best. Stay tuned to TheDroidGuy for more updates on the next version of our favorite OS.

Source: Android Police

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