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Gelato Anyone? LG’s Latest Android To Come To Verizon & Others As LG Enlighten

LG’s new QWERTY Android slider, once dubbed the “LG Gelato” is set to come to a handful of American carriers as the LG Enlighten. According to pocketnow, the LG Enlighten will come to Sprint, US Cellular, Cellular South and Verizon.

The LG Enlighten features a 3.2 HVGA display, 3.2 megapixel camera, and an 800mhz processor. 150mb of internal memory with a 2gb microsSD card in the box, of course the microSD slot can handle up to 32gb.  It also features a full QWERTY keyboard.

Even though this is by no stretch a superphone, LG did very well with an entry to mid-range Android device last year when they released the original Optimus 1 to multiple carriers.  Pocketnow is also reporting that there is a keyboard-less version of the LG Enlighten known as the Net P960 that would be more of an LG Optimus-1 Part deux.

The LG Enlighten is expected to start around $100 on a new two year agreement with most of the carriers.  It’s also expected to be released as early as this Thursday.

source: Pocketnow

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  1. 99$ on Sprint seems a little pointless with the Evo Shift and Epic 4G currently sitting at the same price point. They did the same thing with the Samsung Conquer at 99$. If the Evo, Epic and Nexus S weren’t going EoL soon would they even have bothered?

    Choice is good but too much choice, especially at seemingly random prices, gets confusing.

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