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FaceBook Releasing Stand Alone Messenger App


Facebook announced via their blog page earlier in the day, that they are releasing a stand alone messenger app for Android. 

The new FaceBook Messenger App is supposed to release for Android and iPhone simultaneously.  The app will feature the ability to send and receive all FaceBook  messages. This includes FaceBook email, FaceBook messages (old school) and even FaceBook chat.

The FaceBook Messenger apps uses both notifications and sms so you never miss that important message again. It also keeps track of your message within the app and in your FaceBook account. This way you can keep all of your chats.

Group messaging is also found in the FaceBook Messenger App. The app is now available in the Android Market.

Source & Photo: Androidguys


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  1. Facebook has done a tremendous messenger application. Lots of people will happy to see the news.

  2. For those getting the run around about where to actually DOWNLOAD this app… Here ya go. http://ow.ly/5ZbHs (Android Market Direct Link)

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