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comScore: Android Still On Top

The latest comScore numbers are out and Android is of course still on top.  Smartphones as a whole increased a full 10%  from April 2011 to 82.2 million.  Google’s Android operating system increased  from 36.4% to 41.8% while Apple’s iOS moved up one percentage point from 26% to 27%.

Both Android and iOS’s increase were at the expense of RIM’s Blackberry operating system. RIM saw their numbers dip from 25.7% to 21.7% in the three month quarter.  Microsoft also saw a decline from 6.7% to 5.7% and the Microsoft number includes WP7 and versions of Windows Mobile before that.   The latest comScore numbers are echoing what we’ve already heard from NPD and Nielsen and also the monthly Mobile Mix report by Millennial Media.

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As far as smartphone manufacturers go, Samsung leads the pack with 25.5% of the market share followed by LG and Motorola.  Apple is sitting in fourth place with 9.5% of the market and that’s taking into consideration iPhone ‘s on both AT&T and Verizon and previous versions of the iPhone that are still on sale today.

comScore’s mobile lens report comes from a survey sample of 30,000 mobile phone subscribers in the United States.

source: comScore via Mashable

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