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Android Vs iPhone Map Reveals Interesting Information

While we constantly report on the top research firms in the wireless industry like Comscore, Nielsen, Millennial Media, IDC, Strategy Analytics and more, the message has become clear.  Android is dominating in the United States.  While numbers can be forced out all the time, nothing shows things off better than a picture.

This image from jumptap and reporting on by the Silicon Alley Insider, clearly shows where Android dominates vs iPhone and even Blackberry.  If you count the states it shows a pretty even count however when you dig into it, the influential states in a presidential election are the “green states”.

California, Texas, Florida, Nevada even Washington State and Pennsylvania are Android states.  Apple’s iPhone has a clear win in the most north eastern part of the United States.  New York, the business epicenter of the world is still dominated by Blackberry as is Maryland and Virginia with their strong concentration of federal government.

One things for sure, whoever wants to win the next election better have an Android app.

source: SAI

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  1. Apple people generally are trying the “send a message to The Man” (which Microsoft represents). They were attracted to Apple computers and their highly controlled, less free ecosystems, which is exactly what draws people to the Democratic Party. Republicans typically want more freedoms from an oppressive government, and generally pick non-Apple phones because they see Apple as a cabal of brats who already made their statement against the status quo. Because Blackberry and Microsoft have offered such weak products in the last 30 months, the Republicans have generally been attracted to the only other option, Android.

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