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Android Arm Chair Quarterbacks

As long as there are blogs, tech sites and comments armchair quarterbacks are always going to be part of the world.  The term comes from people who sit in their armchairs and criticize the football coaches and players playing every Sunday and Thursday.  Everyone at home knows more about football than the players who are being paid millions of dollars by their respective teams.

The same goes for tech sites, tech blogs, politics, anything out there someone always knows better. Don’t get me wrong great comments fuel the best of websites and everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  I just love it though when armchair quarterbacks go off on a diatribe on thedroidguy or any other site out there, without knowing the facts.

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Let’s start with our good friend Russell Holly. Russell wouldn’t like me to be passive aggressive in this story so I am calling him out by name. And yes Russell, like me, is allowed to be wrong.  Last night we were in a Gtalk discussion when he said that our writer Cameron was “Way off base about that cable box story today” in regards to Motorola.

I had already been in this debate on Google Plus and Twitter so I knew exactly where to go to set the record straight, but for those of you that didn’t know Motorola Mobility took on Set Top (cable boxes) in addition to mobile phones.  Today it’s become somewhat funny I even suggested to Russell that one day I should try and fasten my cable box to my belt to show how “mobile” this mobility product is.

But alas it wasn’t Russell that got my on this rant.  It’s others on Twitter and Google Plus that suggest we need to check our facts about the set top boxes. Well fact is it’s on the Motorola press site from their January announcement that they are splitting the companies up. It’s also in their Q1 and Q2 results along with their Motorola Mobility road show. While were on the topic of Motorola, Motorola didn’t spin off Mobility they entirely split the company in two, one being Motorola Solutions (radios, government contracts etc) the other Motorola Mobility (phones and Homes, think ET).

Next up… Samsung and Cyanogen

In our Samsung and Cyanogen piece last night I said that they made good products, in comes a flood of comments like “you mean the same company that did Touch Wiz” well of course the same company that did Touch Wiz douchebag, and they got TouchWiz working on top of a 1ghz dual core phone, tablet, 4G device and so much more.  Yes the same company that developed Touch Wiz and has already sold 5 million phones not even available in the United States.

In regards to Motorola:

“They’ve never made good products”  that’s why everyone in the world had a Motorola Bravo Pager, a Tac phone, a Star Tac etc. Motorola never made good products, that’s why over 1000 municipal governments use their products everyday to do a lot more than text, use Android, access the internet etc, they use Motorola products to save lives.

Also, Motorola is one of the largest suppliers of WiMax components to Clearwire/Sprint on a network level.  Sure here come those comments about how crappy WiMax is, where there are 7.9 million people who use it everyday and in some Clearwire markets they are using WiMax instead of home based broadband internet.
So what’s the point of all this anyway.  If you haven’t noticed we have quite the Android following on Twitter. We have a huge mix of Android enthusiasts and Android first timers who consistently see this negative image of Android coming from our very own enthusiasts.  Touch Wiz, Blur, Sense, they may not make sense to an early adopter with programming experience who likes to root phones, but I’ll tell you my 28 year old attorney cousin in Florida loves the way Samsung’s social hub keeps her Facebook and Twitter people in one place and how easy it is to tweet and go.  Or take the 31 year old guy at my bank who wasn’t aware of Lookout Mobile security but was able to locate his lost phone with HTCsense.com

I love the fact that Android is open source and how much the Google folks want to stand behind that. I love the ability to root phones (although I’ve still only done it once in my Android lifetime and that was for functionality).  I love the mass amounts of variety we get when we ask for screen shot calls on Twitter. Android is better, more open, has more variety and functionality than any other smartphone out there.  But consider this,  A few weeks back Cyanogen announced half a million downloads of CM7.  Similarly, Larry Page announced 550,00 Android activations per day on the Q2 earnings call and again yesterday on the Motorola call.  So CyanogenMod, hands down the most popular rom out there, has less than 1 days worth of Android activations.

How many people have you converted who weren’t techie?

If a layperson said “that’s a cool phone but why would I want Android”

Is the answer “because you can root it” a really good answer?

As a reader of thedroidguy.com or a follower on Twitter, or an Android enthusiast or a user I challenge you to recruit more people to the Android army, baring in mind that most of the people you recruit aren’t going to be as technically savvy as you.


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  1. I agree. People have to stop living denial about Google and Apple TV. YES there were some false starts, but are you going to seriously agrue against the fact that the TV is the next platform and yes.. a mobile OS powers it. Honestly, I would rather work off my Logitech Revue with apps then the crappy old dell desktop I have connected to my tv for the time being to handle my torrents.

    When fishtank drops people are going to finally see a light and integrated PC experience and its going to rock the world like Android has rocked the mobile world.

  2. Wow thanks for the comment. I don’t think “Root” is a bad thing at all. I’ve personally rooted one phone ever that was the Samsung Captivate so I could use an overseas SIM at IFA.  I have an international SGSII for this years IFA trip.  Our managing editor and Editor at large are big rooters so I let them handle that.

    You obviously understood the underlying point with 550,000 activations a day there are a lot more unrooted folks than rooted folks

  3. I recruit people to android daily.  I don’t even say the word root anymore, when they ask why my phone looks so different, “I like to modify my electronics, it voids your warranty, but it gives me the extra customization I want/need”  then go back to “but you can do this and this and this with this phone and you can do 3/4 of what my phone does modified anyways.”  

      Usually they are not tech savvy people at all who purchase these phones and I end up spending time educating on use more than anything, but I love teaching them how to utilize their new android devices and offer to give them any help they need in the future via phone/txt/email. 
      If the person wants to root, I will gladly point them towards a site and again inform them of their voided warranty, but it is roughly about 1 or 2 people a month who even know what root is and they proudly show their cyanogenmod devices (never ran into someone rooted with a different rom).

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