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Samsung Epic 4G Gingerbread Update On Deck For The End Of The Month

Our friends at unwired are reporting by way of Sprintfeed that the update from Android 2.2 Froyo to Android 2.3 Gingerbread will happen by the end of the month for owners of the Samsung Epic 4G.

You may remember that the Samsung Epic 4G was the most appealing of the US Samsung Galaxy S variants last summer. With its slide out qwerty keyboard and WiMax (4G) radio it led the pack consisting of the Samsung Captivate (AT&T), Samsung Vibrant (T-Mobile) and the Samsung Fascinate (Verizon).  Samsung took quite a while to get the US Galaxy S devices updated to Froyo, just as they are taking a while to get the follow up to the Samsung Galaxy S, The Samsung Galaxy SII to launch in the United States.

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The Samsung Epic 4G had a little road block when it updated to Android 2.2. Sprint had delay after delay on the update and when it finally pushed out it was pulled back almost as fast.  Now that it seems all the Samsung Epic 4G’s are operating on Froyo it’s time to get ready for Gingerbread.

According to the report Gingerbread will grace the Samsung Epic 4G sometime between July 24th and the end of the month. So you only have a few weeks left to wait.

Once we know it’s rolling out we will report again!

Source: sprintfeed via Unwired
image: Unwired

  • Anonymous

    it’s the 26th – anyone see it hit your phone yet?

  • Anonymous

    Don’t hold your breath, remember this is Sprint and Samsung we’re talking about. After the last update fiasco, I’m buying HTC next time.

  • Anonymous

    Well I did see that several posts were made just today with releases to upgrade the Epic 4G (though not an authorized upgrade).

  • Jsortojr

    its the 29th and still no gbread 2.3.4 has anyone updated or heard of someone updating to gb 2.3.4 officially through sprint/samsung or is everyone still getting it unofficially.

  • Blah-blah

    It’s August 10th, has anyone seen anything yet?

  • Sprinttech

    pshh  it’s september 5th, and samsung, as always, lets down their customer with this update. they never release updates on time. all of Sprints HTC android phones were running 2.3 by the end of june. HTC is a way better product.

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