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Quickbooks For Android Launches

Quickbooks has been a trusted name in small businesses across America for years. Now, Intuit, the creator of Quickbooks, has announced that users can access Quickbooks via their Android phones.

Intuit has assessed the needs of their users on the go and has incorporated that into their Android app. Quickbooks users can use the Android app to create estimates on the go, manage invoices, view customer details, enter new customer transactions and more from the Quickbooks for Android app.  Quickbooks for Android syncs with the customers existing desktop version to insure that the most up to date data is available on their phones.

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Dan Wernikoff, vice president and general manager of Intuit’s Financial Management Solutions division said “As the demand for mobile access continues to accelerate, we’re working to give customers the solutions they need most so they can save time and make money wherever their business takes them.”

According to Intuit Quickbooks for Android’s features allows their customers to:

  • Stay connected to their business with quick access to customer and sales information
  • Save time by checking customer balances and creating estimates on-the-go
  • Be more productive by invoicing at the job site, without having to go back to the office
  • Have the latest information at their fingertips as customer and sales information syncs automatically between QuickBooks and QuickBooks Mobile

QuickBooks for Android is available to QuickBooks online subscribers as well as QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Premium users through a subscription. If you’re already a QuickBooks customer head here to get the app


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  1. I use Quickbooks online. I have accessed my account on my android phone but am very limited to what I can do with the phone. I am looking to buy a tablet to be able to have full access to my account will on the road. Is this possible ? If so what should I look for in the tablet so that I am not just getting a larger version of just a phone. 

  2. The app should be able to do everything the software does.Otherwise, why have an app? This wasn’t thought through very well. You’d think that QB’s being as large a company with so many users would get things right the first time. I’ll be waiting for them to get this right, but in the meantime, they should take a lesson from Dropbox and I’ll be looking for other software. I can’t stop my business or not be able to take it with me b/c they don’t want to develop what their users need & want. 

  3. They are charging $120 a year to use the app. That seems shortsighted on the part of Intutit. A lot of small business  can barely pay for their software. And now they want an extra $120. 

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