[Opinion] Google must bank its future on Google+ to be relevant any more

Google’s latest forray into “social networking” is a big risk for them. Not only is their image and brand at risk it’s their 4th attempt in a 3 strike world. With the recent bust of Buzz(failed before it started), Wave(which those who used it for business like I did LOVED it) which actually got pushed into Google Docs(ability to talk to others while both are editing/writing a document), and Orkut that only took off in Brazil, Google+ is in reality Google’s last stand.

If they fail at this we’ll be watching Facebook venture into search and drop Microsoft which they are using Bing for, to try and go after Google. With the footprint FB already has it wouldn’t be hard for them to command a very large share of search.
Already, Facebook has eaten away at the ad revenue of Google by ignoring them and creating there own ad revenue with those ad’s you see on Facebook pages. Google+ was Googles Alamo… It is their last stand if they want to stay above, Facebook which is clearly gaining speed headed right for them like a rocket to its target.

Google+ could actually attack Facebook right on where they win, in social gaming. Zynga quietly partnered with Google months ago. A recent leak of code suggests that we’ll be seeing games on Google+, its only a matter of time till Google knocks on Zynga’s door with a truck full of cash to have them leave Facebook and go to Google+. However doing so Google would risk an all out war with Facebook. The only way I see this happening though is if Facebook tries to do search or produce its own mobile OS, of which both have been talked about in the past.

However how Google+ is now, besides all the flaws, could position Google to put a full out assault on Facebook in which Mark Zuckerberg can’t answer with anything but throwing sheep and cows. Will Google+ take everyone’s heart, no, you wont see those mid 30 year old woman who play farmville for a living come over, but everyone else would be coming over. We even have Tom Anderson co-founder of MySpace openly support Google+ on his page.


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  1. Are you aware that facebook has shrunk in US? I think you have it backwards. If google+ are to succeed the facebook would have “search” as their Alamo. Facebook reeeeeaaaallly needs google+ to fail.or it will be in serious trouble. For google a failure of g+ means return to status quo… And they are doing fine. They’ve shown an abillity to shed failure and integrated those into other services or closed the door with little or no consequence. Unlike Facebooks many other competitors, google MAKES MONEY…
    Why does everyone say google hasn’t been successful in the social area? Everything in their portfolio is inherently social by nature. This is just another forray in the social realm. Even search is social. What with reviews, website sharing, + 1, maps, it’s ALL social.

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  3. There’s no denying there have been a lot of mixed reactions regarding the topic of Google+. There are many companies who wish they were #1 over Facebook when it comes to social networking. Google definitely has the money to invest in such an attempted takeover, but who knows for sure where exactly this whole Google+ thing will lead. It’s just too early to tell.

  4. Interesting article guys, I totally agree with most of it, but I think you should probably read articles before posting them from now on. I believe “forty” is supposed to be “forray”, “all out wall” should probably be “all out war”, etc etc etc. I was going to list some corrections but there are far far far too many. This article  would make my English teacher roll over in her grave, if she were dead that is.

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