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New Math Suggests Only 1.2 Million Honeycomb Tablets Sold

Between high profile blogger John Gruber, Robert Synnot on Twitter and GigaOM  there seems to be a consensus that only 1.2 million Android 3.x Honeycomb tablets have actually been sold.  Strategy Analytics recently released numbers that suggested 4.6 million Android 3.x Honeycomb tablets had been sold however that number is actually a reflection of tablets shipped vs devices sold.  That takes into account every tablet sitting on a shelf at Best Buy, Radio Shack, a carrier store or in a warehouse.

A tweet from Robert Synnot on Twitter set the wheels in motion for GigaOM’s Kevin Tofel and blogger John Gruber to come to the much lower 1.2 million figure.  Based off Larry Page’s assertion that there were 135 million active Android devices, and then drawing the number of running versions of Honeycomb off the Android developer dashboard, which was .9% you get 1.2 million devices.

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This doesn’t take into account the 7″ Samsung Galaxy Tab or the HTC Flyer because neither of those devices are running Honeycomb however that shows that we are still trailing the iPad by a wide margin.  Hopefully in the coming months as Amazon, Lenovo and Sony enter the Honeycomb space the numbers will increase.

In a story earlier in the day, that we had written about the Amazon tablet, I postulated that part of the problem with Android tablets is education.  James Kendrick of ZDNet and formerly JK On The Run, said to me on twitter “Half the people don’t know what Android is” and this is very true.

Tit for tat and feature for feature Android far outweighs the features, advantages and benefits of the iPad. This is especially true when you move to a productivity model Android tablet like the Toshiba Thrive or the forthcoming Lenovo Think Pad. Apple’s iPad just doesn’t have the productivity features that Android has. The problem is, nobody knows it.  Hopefully we can help make that change.

Source: GigaOm


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  1. This article is Dumb. 

    You like how I (rightly) labeled your writing without any proof or evidence to back it up?  

    You know why nobody knows about android pads? Because when they walk in a store and see the sleek iPad and then they see 3-5 bulky, ugly, slow pads they instantly gravitate towards the iPad. The experience using an iPad is tons better than any other pad and right from the start (no cryptic menu system or overloaded home screen). People also want an iPad for more than just productivity but also games, social site, utilities, gtd, etc. No other pad comes close to the staggering number of apps for the iPad. 

    Besides not everyone wants to be productive on a pad…that’s what computers are for. Some do want to be productive on a pad and in that case you can by just download the right app/software.  Many families (I myself know three families) have ditched computers for the iPad and had no problems (except flash)

    Next time you make a crazy claim like you made above, give some evidence. Make a list of all the features each device has. Compare them, don’t just make crazy claims and opinions and call them truth.

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