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LG Ally And LG Vortex Get EOL’d At Verizon Wireless

There comes a time in every phones life when it gets replaced by something else. This must be the feeling of despair that all of Andy’s toys get whenever he has a birthday… That time is now for the LG Ally and the LG Vortex (Optimus One).

Both of these LG devices were midrange phones. The Ally featured a slide out keyboard while the LG Vortex was Verizon’s version of the cross carrier LG Optimus One.  The LG Optimus One, at the time, was the best midrange Android device out there.

Neither phone had the capacity to have the life of a Droid 1, Evo 4G or Nexus One so as LG juices up their line up it’s time for these two devices to hit the road.  LG recently released their 4G/LTE Android device the LG Revolution (which is apparently also headed to MetroPCS)

Source: Android Community

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  1. As much as this is due, I feel a small pang in my heart as the Ally was my first true foray into android themeing/modding/devving

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