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Google Means Business About Business On Google+

Today I found that my G+ account had been suspended. We wrote this piece earlier about Google+ cracking down on business back on July 10th.  At the same time I changed my personal (and only) Google+ account to Kyle “Thedroidguy” S, hoping that would be sufficient. It was not.

Some of the other more popular Android sites that just couldn’t follow Google’s rules have also had their profiles suspended the graphic on the top was done searching for Android Police at 3:00pm Eastern time today. Of course the crew over at Android Police can change their name to one of the founders names and be put back on in a matter of minutes. Android and me has also been suspended as of this writing.

Google has addressed businesses on Google plus a number of times, the most recent saying they would add businesses to the mix in the coming months.  Right now Ford Tech, MTV and Mashable are the Google+ business beta testers.

In addition to businesses Google is also targeting profiles of people that don’t have “real names” as a violation of the community policy.  A Google Spokesperson told us to eliminate the risk, change your name to your actual name and put your nickname in the nickname portion in your profile which is also supposed to be searchable.

UPDATE: Android Community has also been suspended. Vincent Nguyen and the crew have been operating Android Communities Google+ from the first day.


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  1. Had our suspended too due to naming.. Last thing I want to do is flood the internet under my real name with daily news posts, reposts, etc.  So we all are deleting our personal GOOGLE+ accounts as well, until google gets their act together on privacy.  So much for the Google+ hype.. major let down.  Fine if they want to capture first and last name, but it should be up to the user if they want to use that as their profile name, or use an alias..  This should have been the policy since day 1.  Once again google is taking a positive public response and turning it on its head.

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