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BREAKING: Omar Khan Leaving Samsung Mobile

Omar Khan, Former CTO at Samsung Mobile leaves for Citigroup TDG wishes him well

We just received an email from our good friend Omar Khan, CTO at Samsung Mobile.  Khan is leaving Samsung to head mobile initiatives on a global basis at CitiGroup.  Khan has spearheaded Samsung’s effort into the Android space and done a spectacular job of it. We wish him well and know to expect great things at Citigroup. We also know that Gavin Kim, Nick DiCarlo, JK Shin and the entire Samsung Mobile team will continue on in the direction Khan has led them in.

Khan was at the forefront of Samsung Mobile’s entire move into Android from the Behold II to the Samsung Galaxy SII and everything in between and on the way. Khan has also been very media friendly throughout his time at Samsung Mobile.

See his email to TDG after the break

Hello Kyle,
Hope you are doing well.  I wanted to let you know that I have decided to leave Samsung Mobile.  I have really enjoyed working with you over the past few years representing Samsung Mobile and the mobile industry.  Kim Titus and the Samsung PR team are best-in-class and will continue to work with you very closely.  Additionally, Nick Dicarlo and Gavin Kim will be assuming most of the product and service spokesperson responsibilities for Samsung Mobile.  I will continue to have a close relationship with Samsung and look forward to following your coverage of its future successes.

I will be joining Citigroup next week where I will be leading their mobile solutions on a global basis.  I look forward to connecting and working with you in the future as I work with the Citi team to build the world’s premier digital bank.

Best Regards,


A little over a month ago Eric Vilines who headed the Samsung account at MWW left for a position at Microsoft heading marketing for Windows Phone 7


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  1. Just a bit of correction in terms of people’s roles & responsibilities here:

    JK Shin is the Global President of Samsung Mobile.

    Omar Khan is a Corporate VP of Product Strategy working in Samsung Mobile’s US subsidiary.

    CTO of Samsung Mobile was, and still is CH Lee.

  2. Hopefully Omar is going to take this time and just relax and enjoy his family. He’s certainly earned it.

  3. I wonder who is going to replace Omar? Samsung are one of the leading companies on the cell phone market and if they want to keep it that way, they need someone really good. 

  4. i have heard of joining citigroup, but from trusted sources the news is up in the air that soon he gonna leave citigroup too. 

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  7. Technology Director over the U.S. Samsung Mobile group, Omar Khan, has
    announced it is leaving the company for a position at Citibank in front
    of the bank’s efforts in the mobile world.

  8. Well, in the end it is always about money, everybody leaves because of the money, good for you omar but not so good for Samsung…anyways wish Samsung continues to make the greatest phones in the industry!! 

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