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AT&T Getting Samsung Galaxy S 2 In Two Flavors?

We just reported yesterday that the Samsung Galaxy S II device headed to AT&T would come with a slide out qwerty keyboard.  Last year, all of the carriers got a similar Galaxy S device except Sprint who received the Epic 4G with qwerty keyboard in tow.

According to internet reports, AT&T will receive the Galaxy S II device leaked yesterday with the qwerty keyboard, as well as one without the qwerty keyboard. It will be interesting to see if AT&T customers do in fact get that much choice.  AT&T vowed earlier in the year to step up their Android game and they’ve definitely been working to fulfill that goal.  In fact earlier this week they announced that all of their most recent Android phones would be updated to Gingerbread.

According to Android Central, the device in the photo above sports Galaxy S II branding and is currently in testing right now.

Would you get a Galaxy S II with or without a keyboard?

Source: Android Central via unwired


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  1. I had to have a keyboard on my first phone. Having gone without one on both a Samsung i8910 and an Xperia X10a – I can live without it. The recognition on the Sybian-based i8910 was great and the Android-based Xperia X10a was pretty good. It may actually be faster. Will be interesting to have the choice, though.

  2. Touchscreen keyboards are useful if you switch between languages that require different characters. For example, I write in French, English and Spanish. Even though English does not require accented characters Spanish and French do and each language has different characters respectively being French the most complex.

  3. With keyboard. I can’t understand people who are content with typing on a touch screen.

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