AT&T announces the Xperia Play with 4G LTE

Posted on Jul 12 2011 - 7:56pm by Cameron Wright

TDG was  in New York tonight for AT&T’s Holiday showcase.

They announced a number of devices, the first 4G LTE USB modem, a more powerful HP Touchpad 4G, with HDSPA category 14 and an upgraded 1.5-GHz processor, they handed us all an HTC Status, and then quietly shared the Xperia Play.

Setting the two devices apart are some notable differences: the addition of Sony Ericsson’s Timescape UI and the addition of the 4G LTE connection along with their current generation 4G connectivity.

At launch 16 new games will be made available. The new Dungeon Defenders 2 and several current games will have their sequels launching at launch.

There will be two colors available the current color and the exclusive blue shade you can see in my photos.

Unfortunately the launch date was a very vague, by year’s end.

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