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Xoom LTE to Launch soon, was this what we saw in those videos?

Our friends over at Droid-Life was just sent this informative picture. As you can clearly see the announcement of the Motorola Xoom LTE in Verizon MAP Pricing Update means that it’ll be coming to a store soon.

What this also means is that hopefully all those early buyers of the Xoom may actually see an update to enable there 3g versions to go LTE before the end of the year. With the leak of the video showing a mysterious tablet, and then this picture showing up it just leads to more questions.

Also you can see an update for the Droid 3 which has already been launched in China as the Milestone 3 as to having a release soon as well, hopefully July 7th as we’ve all been hearing.

Not a bad way to spend fathers day hopefully as proud dad’s will be possibly receiving a Xoom knowing that soon they’ll have the chance to update to the LTE version.

Source: Droid-Life

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  1. If they release a “new” Xoom LTE tablet, before I get my 4G upgrade (not to mention SDcard support), then this is the last Motorola device I’ll ever own. Maybe Motorola will send all existing VZW Xoom users a new Xoom LTE… Ha!

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