We Need A Regular Game Reviewer

TDG is looking for a regular game reviewer.  We are looking for someone who loves Android and games, and writing reviews.  No special schooling requirements you just have to have better grammar than me (Lol).  After you’ve been writing for us for a while and things are going well you could even earn “Games Editor” stripes.

This is NOT a paid position but you may like this so read on after the break:

First off this may become a paid position in the future but here’s what you’ll get off the bat

– The opportunity to write for a high profile site
– Advance APK’s on games that aren’t out yet
– develop relationships with PR people and game developers
– If you fulfill the requirements and are doing well between now and October you will get to go to GDC with travel and related expenses covered by us.  If you continue to do well through next spring you’ll get to attend both appnation and E3.
– swag from game developers and more.


Minimum of one review per week but up to 7 if you want.  You would only be responsible for 1 per week so if you felt like writing 3 one week 5 the next week and got busy and could only do 1 the following week that would be ok.

We are looking for reviews of major studio games along with up and coming developer games

Basic word press knowledge (writing, posting, adding photos and screenshots)

A great attitude and at least one review a week.  This position is open to anyone interested regardless of age,  etc. Our Apps editor is 16 has been with us two years and has grown into a very respected person in the app-space.  He has added this experience to the resume information he is using to apply for college and he and his mom have been on several event trips already.

Now of course this is a great position for anyone who likes to review games!

Oh wait here’s how to apply.

Send a review with screenshots of your favorite game to kyle@thedroidguy.com,   We will review (and probably post) most of the reviews and make a decision in the next week or two. If you don’t get the game reviewer position and you’re interested in writing for us in another capacity like news, then definitely let us know that in the email.


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  1. i think this would be a great opportunity! i have sent in my review for review already

  2. I came on as a guest writer looking to write more for this site, but I was getting ready to move and wasn’t able to pay enough attention to source material to write more until a couple weeks ago.  I’d love to get rolling again, and reviewing games would be a lot of fun.  It shouldn’t be any problem to guarantee at least two a week.  I’ll send my review in the next couple days. Please keep me in mind when looking over candidates.

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