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Verizon Officials get rid of Unlimited data for Tier’ed data instead

We had a feeling this day would come, even though we all hoped it wouldn’t. Gone will be Verizons $29.99 unlimited data and hello tiered. While the email didn’t specify the exact day this would go into effect, fact that it shows July on the top should indicate that if you don’t have unlimited data or thinking about Verizon, do so now before you wont be able to get it any more.

Another key note to take in effect is that in the slides below Verizon makes sure as to explain why “theirs” are better then the competition. Via price, Speed of internet or Locations. All of which are valid points except for the main one… No more “unlimited” data.

While all of us actually knew it was never truly unlimited like that state or even the fact they have 4g speeds we “took” their words for this and allowed them to keep saying it. Now we’ll never even heard those commercials again. If you truly care about unlimited and you have Sprint service in your area they may be the last true one’s left as both T-Mobile and ATT restrict your speeds after so long.

With fathers dad just passing this weekend hopefully you received a Verizon phone + unlimited data plan if not you may want to redo that pricing plan. As you can see early July is when we’ll see this go into effect. Will the rest of the big 3 possible 2 follow suit, and if so how many users will we then see flock to the likes of Cricket, and Metro PCS who has the unlimited plans.


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  1. Ahh, to be screwed and like it. Not from verizon. I get screwed by them every day. Instead of new every two, its screwed every two, and charge 30 bucks and bent over at the same time. CAN YOU HEAR ME NO!!! Screw you with charges that even customer service can’t give you an honest answer about. Verizon sucks ASS. Changing service to two tin cans!

  2. I love Sprint, thats what i use with my EVO. And hopefully they wont follow the others. They could really use this to get alot of people onboard because they would be the only Major… Major company to offer 100% unlimited.

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