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T-Mobile Adds Trivia Contest To Retention Arsenal

Typically when a huge merger is announced there is a lot of talk, commotion, and running for the hills at the beginning of the rumors and at the end, while closing the deal. That was the course when Verizon acquired Alltel and Sprint acquired Nextel.  Fast forward just a couple of years and the way news is constantly fed, almost intravenously through mobile devices and the internet and the AT&T/T-Mobile stories won’t die down to a simmer.  What this means is that T-Mobile stores across the country are for the most part empty.

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According to one of our T-Mobile in-store sources, three times as many people come into the store each day and ask “Are you AT&T yet”, “Do you have the iPhone yet” and “When am I going to be billed by AT&T” than they do to actually buy phones.  That’s no fault on T-Mobile devices.  The HTC Sensation 4G, The Sidekick 4G, The G-Slate and the Samsung Exhibition 4G are all devices that are priced right, faster than most (except Verizon) and feature packed.

Just how bad is it? One of our higher up T-Mobile sources said that this year for Father’s Day, T-Mobile opted not to do a “free phones” promotion because they were concerned that it still wouldn’t drum up a good amount of business.  Our in-store T-Mobile source referenced earlier in this story said that last year his store did over 120 activations on Father’s day.  His store this year did 26 activations and under 20 of those were with the free data.

What consumers just aren’t comprehending is the fact that they are perfectly safe to go ahead and get a new 2 year T-Mobile agreement.  If they do get a new 2 year agreement, when and if T-Mobile merges into AT&T the customer will then be grandfathered into the terms of their T-Mobile agreement.  At the end of the agreement they will have the option to re-up under one of AT&T’s available plans at that time or change carriers.  These are the exact same options afforded a customer on any carrier at the end of their contract.  At the rate in which plans change it’s a rarity that the same plan is available 2 years later on any carrier period.

Nevertheless the innovators at T-Mobile are continuing to rollout new “added value” services to not just attract new customers, but to get the old customers to stick around.  T-Mobile recently announced a deal of the day program similar to Groupon. They also announced earlier this week a 4G trivia contest worth $4,000 dollars a day (4 G’s).

T-Mobile’s 4G Pay Day promotion is actually quite clever.

The T-Mobile 4G Pay Day is an interactive trivia game. Customers are allowed to play up to three games per day and the object of the game is to correctly answer the most consecutive questions per hour. The person with the most consecutive correct hours that day wins $4000 (4G’s) and is eligible to be the top winner for the week which could yield an Audi Q5 vehicle.

“T-Mobile customers continue to be some of the most active gamers and SMS users among any wireless carrier, and it is only natural to provide fun experiences to our customers aligning with their interests by creating a free trivia game with opportunities to win great prizes,” said Brad Duea, senior vice president of Value Added Services, T-Mobile USA. “This mobile trivia game is also a chance for us to celebrate our 4G network leadership as America’s Largest 4G NetworkTM.”

How T-Mobile’s 4G PayDay mobile trivia game works:

  • T-Mobile customers can text START to 4444 to review and accept the game rules and participate in the 4G PayDay mobile trivia contest. The game will consist of multiple-choice trivia questions delivered via text message.
  • The goal of the game is to correctly answer the most consecutive questions within an hour.
  • If players get stuck, they can choose to get a HINT to narrow their choices, or to SKIP that question to continue their winning streak and get a different question. (Both options are limited to three per game and cost $1.00 each plus tax).
  • The game ends with one incorrect answer or by reaching the one-hour time limit. Each player can participate in three games per day.
  • The player with the most consecutive correct answers in one game each day will win the daily $4,000 prize. The weekly Audi Q5 vehicle winner is determined by the most consecutive correct answers in a single game for the week. In the event of a tie, the most consecutive answers in the shortest amount of time will be declared the winner.

So what are you waiting for, if you’re a T-Mobile customer, go get to playing!

source: T-Mobile


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  1. I got to 44 but then was told my correct answer was wrong.  The it happened again on the next round after only 15 questions.  Called T-Mobile customer service and after 30 minutes was told that they cannot access the answer system, so “the answers stay as they are.”  I asked if that meant that going forward, I could get the actual right answer and still be told I am wrong and have my streak ended and I was told, “Yes, the answers are locked, even if they are actually wrong.”  WTF?  I’m done with that BS.

  2. they tell you your answers are wrong when they are right. Sometimes there are two right answers for one question. The time in between questions is too long also. They need to fix that. I actually gave one right answer right at the beginning of the game and then it said that my time was up. ???? What happened to 59 minutes?

  3. The T Mobile game is very nice but there are a couple of problems with the game, as I see it. First, there are answers to the questions that a flatly wrong and went you supply the correct answer you are terminated. Someone at T Mobile should look into this and make the necessary corrections. Second, the time lapse between questions can be as long as 4 minutes. That is, after you submit your answer the system may take as long as 4 minutes to indicate whether the answer is correct.  This causes you to lose valuable time and there seems to be nothing that you can do about this. If you try to re-enter your answer to trigger a response the system will apply the re-entered answer to the next question and in most cases you will be terminated from the game. These issues are not fatal and can easily be corrected and I am sure that T Mobile will move quickly to make corrections. It might help if T Mobile provided a customer-feedback ICON on the main webpage so that others can share their concerns. Finally, for the winners I congratulate you all.  TMoble should also share information as to how many question each winner answered.  That would be very helpful.Thank you TMobile for the opportunity to  play the game.

  4. I wonder if people can really count on the terms of their 2 year contract not changing once the merger happens.  Doesn’t AT&T have a history of changing contract terms and/or pricing, such as removing unlimited data plans?  Or is that only for new users? 

  5. Funny, I specifically switched to T-Mobile from AT&T as soon as the merger was announced because they had better priced plans, and went for being grandfathered in eventually with AT&T anyway.

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