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Samsung Sues Apple This Time Around

And it’s back to court for Samsung. It seems they have to sell a lot of phones this year to pay their mounting attorneys fees.  This time around Samsung has sued Apple in a lawsuit filed in Delaware court Monday.

Samsung is one of Apple’s major suppliers for chipsets found in iPad, and iPhone devices. Their love hate relationship took a turn for the worst in April when Apple filed a lawsuit against Samsung in California which now claims over 20 of Samsung’s Android products have designs stolen by Apple.

Apple’s suit claims that Samsung infringes on 7 of their patents including gestures for selecting, scrolling and pinching and zooming. They also claim Samsung copied three designs of theirs.

Samsung has also filed suit against Apple in Seoul, Tokyo, San Francisco and Manheim Germany.  Apple recently filed a lawsuit against Samsung in Korea.

It was reported earlier this month that Samsung and Apple executives had sat down to talk. Based on this most recent lawsuit it seems that those talks didn’t go so well.

Source: Bloomberg


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  1. I see many people getting fed up and catching on to the greed of apple, they’ve always been “apple product only” company but the greed is getting beyond peoples tolerance! 

  2. I would love to see Apple fall since they seem to think that lawsuites are the way to get ahead in an industry that they can’t keep up with.  I’m an Android User that converted from iPhone and never looked back.  I like many others are fed up with Apples greedy attitude and think they need to be set straight.

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