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REPORTED: Some Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1’s Shipping With Unlocked Bootloader

Android Central reported yesterday that some of the retail versions of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 have shipped to Best Buy stores with the bootloader already unlocked.  After poking our heads around a little bit we found that our very own Elijah Ketchum had one of those Galaxy Tabs.

A few of our Twitter followers have also said their bootloader was unlocked.  All of the ones we’ve heard of personally have been the gray backed 32gb version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, just as Jerry over at Central suggests.

Once you reboot your Galaxy Tab 10.1 for the first time if you see the unlock icon as pictured above then you have an unlocked bootloader. If you have no idea what we’re talking about we highly suggest you do nothing and go about using your Galaxy Tab the normal way. Although you may have trouble with Google Movies.

On the other hand if you are familiar with what an unlocked bootloader means, by all means do what you can do with it.

Did you pick up a Galaxy Tab 10.1 with an unlocked bootloader?

Source: Android Central


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  1. I just got mine and it came unlocked what the fuck. Now I was probably going to do it anyway but i dont like the fact that it came like this. Im taking it back and getting another one. BTW it is white 16GB wifi model.

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