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Really Bloggers? Google’s Going To Let Huawei Release Android 3.2 First? Really?

You know whose worse than the evil PR people MG Siegler contends we’re in a war with? Journalists, well, so-called journalists who take a Press Release word for word.  If PR People are evil and fighting us in a war, the Press Release is their biggest weapon, and those who post Press Releases verbatim without vetting deserve to get blown up by those little hand grenades….

Yesterday around lunch time the great folks at Fleishman Hilliard blasted out a press release for their client Huawei.  The following email came in from Fleishman’s Kacie Thomas, apparently 100’s of my colleagues received it as well.

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Hi Kyle,

In case unseen, I wanted to flag today’s device news from Huawei. The company announced the MediaPad, the world’s first 7-inch Android 3.2 Honeycomb tablet.

Specifications of the MediaPad include:

  • ·         Qualcomm dual-core 1.2GHz processor
  • ·         Slimmest and lightest tablet yet from Huawei Device – 0.4 inches deep and 0.86 pounds
  • ·         Supports 1080P full HD video playback – 1.3 megapixel front facing camera and 5 megapixel auto focus rear facing camera with HD recording capabilities
  • ·         HSPA+ 14.4Mbps and high-speed WiFi 802.11n Internet connectivity

I’m happy to send along a fact sheet and product screenshots if you are interested. Further details are available in the official press release below, and let me know if you have any questions.



After reviewing it the Android 3.2 Honeycomb stood out like a sore thumb as it should for my 100s of colleagues as well, including Engadget who our reader’s seem to trust like Jesus passing on tech news to his disciples.  After the Android 2.4 fiasco with the HTC Flyer I went to a senior person at Fleishman who I’ve been dealing with for a long time.  After exchanging emails with him I started vetting this 3.2 thing on my own. Finally, last night we received word from Huawei that Android  3.1 Honeycomb will be on this tablet.  You didn’t think Huawei was going to come out of left field and get the next release of Android right?

Here’s what we knew going in

– The current build of Android for tablets or “Honeycomb” is 3.1 in fact it just “officially” rolled out to the Google I/O Galaxy Tabs yesterday (although I/O tab owners could download it two weeks ago)

– The next version of Android is for tablets and phones and is called “Ice Cream Sandwich” and has NO release number

– The Android developers are barely on 3.0 much less 3.1

Phone Guru Chris Ziegler pointed out that Huawei is in fact a member of the Open Handset Alliance.  But we still don’t think that 3.2 will debut on the Huawei tablet

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  1. This guy is all wrong and
    has been wearing the foil hat while smoking some stuff growing in the
    backyard, 3.2 is Honeycomb for 7″ devices as Google needed to do a bit
    of cosmetic changes to the UI of Honeycomb as that was designed with 10″
    in mind. This is one of the reasons why the new Galaxy Tab 7″ has been
    delayed, Its been mentioned for months that Samsung is either going to
    go with 2.3 or wait (which they are doing now) for a smaller screen
    optimized version of Honeycomb.That’s why HTC Flyer runs Gingerbread at
    launch and even Acer is having problems. Huawei ain’t exactly a small fly by night operation either, They are freaking a huge company that make more devices then people notice.

    “It is the largest networking and telecommunications equipment
    supplier in China and the second-largest supplier of mobile
    telecommunications infrastructure equipment in the world (after

    Also 3.2 is only MENT for 7″ tablets and nothing else, Eventually all
    the Androids will merge into Ice Cream Sundae anyways so who cares what
    version Google names this

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