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Quick Hands On: Motorola Droid X2 On Verizon Wireless

We’ve had the Droid X2 in house for a couple of weeks but got back logged with travel and some other devices however overall we are impressed with the Motorola Droid X2.  I actually stopped using the HTC Thunderbolt for a while to use the Droid X2 and the first thing I noticed is how fast the phone itself is.  Although the 3G network is considerably slower than 4G/LTE, the great thing about this phone is it doesn’t get stuck switching back and forth and it multi-tasks like a champ.

More including video, after the break

The follow up to the Droid X2 has just about the same form factor as the original Droid X which was released just about a year ago.  The only thing you notice on the outside is the red “Droid X2” on the back and the HDMI port under the micro-USB port.

The Droid X2 features a speedy 1ghz dual core processor.  This makes moving through the phone extremely fast, games render better and play smoother and multi-tasking and switching between tasks is fast.

The Droid X2 has an upgraded display moving over to qHD (quarter HD) with better resolution. Video just pops off the phone and looks spectacular.

What you loose from 4G/LTE is made up in pure under the hood hardware and processing speed.

The biggest downfall is that it ships with Android 2.2 Froyo with no official Gingerbread upgrade date, just the standard “it’s coming”.

Check it out for yourself. If you live in a 3G only area this is definitely a winner.


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  1. From a design standpoint, there isn’t much to differentiate the X2 from
    the original DROID X; much of he same thin and sleek design that widens
    toward the top to make room for the 8 megapixel camera with LED flash.

  2. The Droid X2 is sporting a new qHD display that is 4.3″ and is the same
    size as the first, but the qHD bumps it up to 540×960 in the resolution
    department and it makes for a very great viewing experience both gaming,
    and browsing the web.

  3. Well, the DX2 community may find patience valuable in this update instance. The DX1 GB update went pretty badly, causing a large number of issues and introducing broken features. One has but to scan the Motorola Owner’s help forums to get a taste of the frustration and anger building over the results. And, as usual, Motorola and Verizon serve up the same old close-lipped, information-starved updates, when they seem to get around to it. 

    The DX2 may be better off under FroYo until the DX gets its Gingerbread house in order. Hopefully, the DX2 upgrade will go more smoothly.

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