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OMG I’m Getting An iPhone iOS Has Notification Center

Sure I used to use an iPhone, heck I used a Blackberry too. One of the biggest things about iPhone that annoyed me was the bubble notifications that I’d get while surfing the web or playing a game.  I’m playing a game mom I don’t want a text message.

Well today on stage at WWDC Scott Forstall, Senior Vice President of iOS software unveiled the end all mecca to those annoying pop up notification bubbles in the Notification Center.

Imagine an area of the iPhone that was devoted for app, sms, chat and email notifications. So now I don’t need to get bothered by notifications they all aggregate in one area and I can go to my notification center and click the notification and imagine what happens next…

It goes right to that app.

That’s genius!


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  1. OF COURSE Google won’t sue! They didn’t invent the style of notifications they use for Android either. Though Apple is definitely taking after Android on this feature, there are a lot of other new features in iOS 5 that are genuinely exciting, and people need to remember that.
    And before any goes accusing be of being a fanboi (not that this disclaimer will change that, of course), I have never liked the iPhone in the past, and the reason was always iOS, and iOS 5 fixes 90% of the problems I had with the OS.
    Whether or not it is better than Android is still debate-able, and I still prefer Android myself, but now at least the question is worth even asking, and Apple is definitely competing on software again.

  2. Google probably won’t even en sue. They could make millions off every device sd with that function. Knowing Jobs he’ll sue Google

  3. I’m only stating facts, people with ios will always like ios but the truth is ios was a gimick to draw people in and once you are in there is no way out. Think about all those that bought apps from ios, do you think you can get out of it. apps are nice to have but without  choice to move to another device can be boring. This is what I like windows because the device can be changed and your apps follow you.

  4. that’s what I said, Apple shoud be sued for this. Now ontop of that add the social hub of samsung and apple’s notification center is complete

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