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Google In Standoff With Taiwan Over Return Window

Earlier in the year when Google revised the Android Market to it’s current look and feel they also revised the return window for apps sold in the market to just 15 minutes.  While many Android users were outraged, some developers thought this was a great way to determine if someone liked the app and to protect them from piracy and other concerns.

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Well, that 15 minute app return window isn’t sitting to well in Taiwan.  Taiwan has a Taiwan Consumer Protection act that protects consumers who live in their country to have a 7 day window on any virtual purchases made on the internet.  They do this because in an internet purchase with no goods actually shipped there is not adequate time for inspection of the “virtual goods”.

The Taipei City government gave both Apple and Google 15 days to comply with the 7 day return policy.  Apple made the smart decision and complied. This means that iOS users in Taiwan now have a full 7 days to get a refund from apps purchased through their iOS device.  Google on the other hand decided not to comply and was issues a $1 million dollar fine by the government.

Google responded to the fine by pulling any access to paid app markets from users in Taiwan.  Google is currently in negotiations with the Taiwan government over the 7 day return policy. During those negotiations paid apps will remain unavailable to users in Taiwan.

This isn’t the first time Google has had rocky relations with an Asian nation. It is widely rumored that Google’s relations with China are one of the reasons that Larry Page replaced Eric Schmidt as CEO in April of this year.

Source: AndroidPolice.com


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  1. I think Android users should file a class action lawsuit against Google and demand at least an hour to decide if we don’t want an app.

  2. The debacles with China and Taiwan are two things. With China, Google was standing up for the free access rights of end users. With Taiwan, Google is playing the part of the thug, demanding that people only have 15 minutes to get refunds on apps they end up being unable to use, while Taiwan is trying to protect the rights of end users.

  3. Wow! I wish we had that 7-day refund option here in the US. I’ve downloaded many an app that it took me a few days of using to realize it wasn’t worth it or had some bug that turned up after the 15 minute refund period.

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