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[UPDATED] Facebook For Android Receives News Feed “Enhancements” After Clearing Data

As you know the oficial Facebook app for Android received video uploading and news feed enhancements, but no one has really been seeing this. After a lot of attempts at clearing data on my Facebook app (in the same way we did the get the Android Market update) my app has finally got the news feed enhancements. As to why Facebook chose to roll it out like this, I have no idea, and why did they also drop tablet support?

Either way the update is here, and to clarify, I did receive it after clearing data on the application, so feel free to try this method as well. The news feed enhancements constist of the options to view things like pages, videos, photos, news feed, and also most recent. Hooray! Also the ability to like comments is now on board, and we know that has been necessary for a while. One thing I have noticed is the news feed behaves and looks much like the mobile site, missing the pretty, fluent actions of a native application. Whether this is true or not I have no idea, but several things are leading me to think they just cropped a portion of the mobile site into the app. The functionality is really what it comes down to anyways, so it’s not a huge deal. Check the screenshots below for a look at the new Facebook for Android.

update: This is definitely just the mobile site cropped into our app. They behave and look exactly alike, with even the same loading spinwheel. It’s pretty unfortunate they couldn’t just improve the app itself, but hey, this is why we have third party apps isn’t it?


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  1. Hi elijah….I like your post and I am little bit confused in my application…I want to fetch facebook feed and need to display it on custom view like List View ….but i dont know how to fetch feed usign GraphAPI….If u have any idea then please help me….Thanx in advance.

  2. The fucking irony is that while you have the option to like comments on the news feed, you can’t do the same anywhere else on the app.

  3. It looks like they also finally fixed the “Share” bug that would always try to share text as a link and open in the browser.

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