EXCLUSIVE: Video Walk Through of Some iOS 5 New Features

This video doesn’t need that much of an introduction.  Just over an hour ago Scott Forstall, VP of IOS for Apple went on stage at WWDC and explained some of the great new features in iOS5.  We got our hands on a device with those features. Sure all the tech blogs will have some hands on time with iOS5 in just a little while but it’s exclusive because in looking around the web at this minute (3:30pm ET) we’re the first with the video walk through… Enjoy 🙂


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  1. copied what? icons on a desktop? nothing new… a touch screen… nothing new .. a market for apps.. nothing new.. windows mobile had these things, most of what apple does has been done before, and a prototype means nothing

  2. I personally don’t understand why there’s so much hate between the two OSs. Yes, anyone who thinks Apple creates all of the things they implement into their OSs is an idiot. On the other hand, what they’re the best at is taking things other people do, polish them up, and make them beautiful. That is why they’re the best in the game and will continue to be the best in the game. I’m far from a fanboy, but if you tell me Android has the same polished feel as iOS, I can’t take your opinion seriously.

  3. This is so funny lol, but hey to the iPhone people they will think this is a landmark hahahaha!!!!

  4. You forgot the bit where you don’t get updates because your carrier said you couldn’t get them.

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