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Exclusive: Logitech Confirms Android Market Update For Google TV At End Of Summer

Tonight while attending the GDGT tech party in New York City we spent some time with Logitech, the manufacturer behind the Logitech Revue, Google TV set top box.

Yesterday we reported that Google TV has been spotted in the Android Market under devices. Well today we learned from a Logitech  that Logitech is  already beta testing the next Google TV update with Android in toe.  When asked when the update would hit Logitech Revue owners she also  confirmed that it would be available in late August or early September.

Google excited developers at the Google I/O convention back in May by encouraging development of Google TV apps.  Of course Apps need a way of being delivered in the Android Market is that way.  Google TV will receive an update that brings Android 3.x to Google TV appliances allowing developers to develop interactive Google TV apps and allowing users to benefit from those developments.


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  1. The summer is over… where is the update? It has been almost a year and I am still waiting on this update. I feel like I’m on a date, He’s paid the tab and my panties are still on. What more can a girl do, outside of lifting her skirt? On the other hand I do feel like I’m getting screwed by; networks, slow internet providers and cable companies with no vision. Here I am Google, a woman frustrated and let down… please me. And for G-d sakes, make it quick before I change my mind!

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