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Apple Adds Just About Every Samsung Android Phone To CopyCat List

It’s hard to believe that Apple actually buys parts from Samsung. Earlier this year Apple sued Samsung saying alleging that Samsung stole designs from Apple’s iPhone and iPad products for Samsung’s mobile devices.

The original lawsuit brought on by Apple alleged that the designs for the: Galaxy S, Nexus S, Epic 4G, and Galaxy Tabs were copied from Apple designs.  They have now amended the lawsuit to include the Droid Charge, Exhibit 4G, Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Prevail, Gravity, Infuse 4G, Nexus S 4G, Replenish, Galaxy Tab 10.1, and Galaxy S II. (like we said nearly every Samsung Android, at least the new ones).

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As Boy Genius Report’s Todd Haseton says, the kicker is that Apple has also named the QWERTY keyboard laden Sidekick 4G to the list. Of course the Epic 4G, also with a qwerty keyboard is in the original suit. We all know Apple has yet to make a mobile product with a qwerty keyboard, and most likely won’t.  We also know that the Sidekick 4G is based on the original Sidekick a brain child of Andy Rubin, the creator of Android.

In the lawsuit Apple says Samsung makes “products that blatantly imitate the appearance of Apple’s products to capitalize on Apple’s success”

Samsung immediately responded to the initial suit. Apple demanded to see all of Samsung’s upcoming devices and Samsung immediately requested the same thing from the courts.  Samsung has been in the mobile phone business a lot longer than Apple.

Whatever happens the courts definitely have their hands full with this one. Despite the fact this lawsuit is on-going, Apple continues to buy chips that power the iPhone and iPad from Samsung’s semi-conductor business unit although it’s been reported that Apple is shopping for other vendors.

Source: 9to5mac and BGR


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  1. omfg dude that actually makes alot of since lol. Also they should like
    raise there price’s just like a dollar, because that would cause a great
    impact on Apples finances lol.

  2. here we go…

    Apple – You are a whiney whiney company. You thrive on law suits. Pathetic.

    Samsung – take the kid gloves off now. You were playing down the competition late last year and earlier as Apple buy components from you- SCREW ‘EM. Ramp up the competitiveness. Remove support from this pathetic crazy arsed company called Apple.

    Next thing Apple will try to whine about, “…every other phone is copying us. They allow people to make phone calls from these things but we do that so they aren’t allowed to. Others are copying us because they have a clock displayed on the screen, hell, they have a screen similar to us – we’ll sue ’em”.

    Apple = Wankers 

  3. No if they keep selling to Apple they and gets a clear win they collect what they sold plus whatever they win in the lawsuit which is considered epic win status lol

  4. I think Samsung should just screw over Apple and completely stop selling them chips. Also i think that if Apple is going after Samsung for this, they just need to go for Google and all of Android, and also every company that has made an Android phone. Like seriously Apply is messed up. Hey Samsung should counter sue about the iOS 5 with the notification window that they added, like seriously Apple is messed up. Soon they will start sueing because i took a bite out of my apple and it looked like there symbol and they didn’t get paid. #redicilus

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