And The Winner is… Actually And The Winners Are…

Everyone has been tweeting like crazy to get their hands on a Samsung Galaxy S II or Samsung Infuse 4G as part of Thedroidguy and MHL Consortium contest. Obviously the purpose of the contest was to promote MHL and what it means and what it does. It was also to target developers to get them to develop apps using MHL technology.

We had a little fiasco though in pulling winners.  We pulled the Samsung Galaxy S II winner first and that is


Then we pulled the Samsung Infuse 4G winner and that was @icougil then we ran into a little problem. It seems that @icougil is in Barcelona Spain where the Samsung Infuse 4G won’t work. So after consulting with the sponsors and the staff here at thedroidguy we were able to get @icougil a Samsung Galaxy S II as well.

So we drew again…

And the winner of the Samsung Infuse 4G is@professor__X (two underscores)

For validation purposes please DM us on twitter and send an email to kyle@thedroidguy.com we will get you the forms and get you your prize.

Thanks to everyone who played! We have another big contest coming tomorrow.


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  1. Yes I’m so lucky!! 😉

    Thank you so much for The Droid Guy people!!! thank you very very much!!! I hope to make good use of this marvellous phone.

    Best regards,

    pd: I’m counting the days backwards until the day I get 😉

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