The Folks At XDA Have Done It Again: Hacked Netflix Working On Most Devices

Posted on May 21 2011 - 1:19pm by Kyle

Once again those awesome people over at XDA have found a way to get Netflix working on most Android devices. This newest hack makes it so the application does not check the Devices’ ID, and in turn allows for some awesome Netflix streaming that many of us have been needing and wanting for quite awhile now.

At the moment there are two versions available and one of these versions should work for just about anyone. Try out the first version and if you excperince any issues or crashes than go for the second one and if you still have issues head over to the XDA forums. More than likely you will be able to get some help over there. Good luck and let us know how it goes for you!


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  • Andy Stetson

     Works on my R2Droid2 running Liberty 2.01.  Crashed on first load (asked for correct date/time), reopened the app and worked great!

  • Bill Eastman

    On my Viewsonic gyab with CM 7, the no device check did not work.  I learned that XDA had us editing more than we needed to.  You only have to change malata to HTC.  The name of the device can be whatever you want.  I’ve edited mine to say GTablet running Cyanogenmod nightly.

  • Tony Hannides

     didnt work on my TBolt running GB 2.3.4

  • Norman Farmer

     well I’d try it out if i had netflix :-p

  • Tony Hannides

     Actually once i installed the patch, it works great!