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T-Mobile USA Snubbed In Galaxy S II Release?

While their T-Mobile counterparts across the world are selling the Samsung Galaxy S II, T-Mobile USA isn’t in the party. We aren’t sure if this decision is Samsung’s or T-Mobile USA’s however it’s been reported that the follow up to the Galaxy S is headed to Sprint, Verizon and AT&T.

Last year, Samsung Mobile released a Galaxy S version for each of the four carriers.  Each carrier had their own unique version. T-Mobile had two.  Each carrier also got their own cute name.  T-Mobile had the Samsung Vibrant.  AT&T’s model was called the Samsung Captivate.  Verizon’s Galaxy S 1 was called the Samsung Fascinate. The flagship of the four was the Samsung Epic 4G on Sprint. T-Mobile later received a 4G version in the Samsung Galaxy S 4G.

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This year Samsung is introducing the Samsung Galaxy S II with three cute names and three carriers. The AT&T Attain is coming to big orange.  The Samsung Within is headed to Sprint.  Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S II will be called the Samsung Function.  With Samsung releasing a new Android phone every 15 days we predict they will run out of words in a few short years (LOL).

Absent of the list of cute names and carrier releases is T-Mobile USA. As you know T-Mobile is preparing for a buyout from AT&T.  However this may also be a concession because T-Mobile USA carried the Samsung Galaxy S 4G while no other carriers received that device.

The other theory is that with an introductory price of $799, reportedly on contract, it may not behoove either party to put such an expensive device on T-Mobile USA.

Whatever it is, the Samsung Galaxy S II is on the way.

source: BI


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  1. The 799 on contract doesn’t make a bit of sense….it will probably be 259 on contract considering what else is out currently

  2. I believe this is misinformation.  The only source for this is due to a leaked accessory page.  It is very likely that either a) the shape of the T-Mobile version is slightly different than the other models (you may remember the initial versions of the USA bound Galaxy S phones were all different models) or b) it was not known the name of the T-Mobile version.

    For the sake of the other carriers and their customers.  I hope these aren’t the real names.  Wouldn’t you rather have a phone named the Sprint Galaxy S II rather than the Sprint Within?  WTF?

    Also, you’re smoking crack if you think these will be $800 on contract.  They will be $200 or max $250 on 2 year contract like any other top of the line phone.   

  3.  No one is paying $800 on contract, perhaps it will follow the Droid Charge for $300, but not $800.

  4. Kind of bummed to hear this. Guess ill have to get my job to gve me an upgrade on Verizon.

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